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Upcycled Green Day T-shirt S

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Our new upcycled collection features this option of choosing your favourite t-shirt & turning it into the dress of your dreams!

Choose your favourite t-shirt, your fabric choice & your desired sleeve option and you’re all good to go!

As the t-shirts have to be cropped to be turned into a dress, sometimes we have to cut off some text and/or print so please make sure that you are happy with this before you purchase. 

There is a 28 day processing time for upcycled smocks (this doesn't include postage time.)

Please note that we don’t offer refunds, exchanges or alterations for our upcycled items.

Size S T-shirt, measures 34” on chest.


Everything is handmade by myself in my little studio near Liverpool in the UK.

As everything is made by myself and all of the items are made to order, there is around a 3 week processing time. This is because we order all our fabric and everything needed to make the dress after the item has been purchased so we can limit any fabric waste.

We aim to have all orders sent out within this time frame but sometimes things can get held up by our suppliers.

If you need an item by a particular date, drop me an email and I’m sure that we can work something out :)

Once items have been shipped, you should receive them within a few working days!